Financial planning is a process of understanding where you are today, where you are going, and where you want to be headed. Your financial goals and priorities can evolve into concrete and achievable milestones. Together, we will assess alternative scenarios with the goal of providing the potential realization of your aspirations. Financial planning will help you identify your financial strengths, consider methods in developing greater financial resiliency, and provide clarity in an increasingly uncertain financial world.

Our fundamental approach is a 3 Stage Process:

1. Listening

In the listening phase, we will work with you in gathering essential information toward laying the foundation of your plan. At the end of approximately three months’ time of meeting and follow-up, the initial foundation will be presented to you. You will be able to visualize your current financial position and trajectory. Financial strengths and weaknesses will be discussed during this meeting, and we will follow up concerning your goals and priorities in preparation for the next phase.

2. Planning

The planning phase is where your financial goals and priorities will be built into your plan. The planner will develop alternative scenarios toward your milestones and address compatibility with your current financial position. Sensitivity analyses will be conducted to determine the overall robustness of the plan. At the end of three months’ time, the scenarios will be presented, and recommendations will be discussed with you.

3. Advising

During the advising phase, we will assist you with the immediate adjustments, if needed, to your plan and current position. Shortly thereafter, we will provide you with a capstone plan that incorporates the scenarios you believe will work toward satisfying your goals and needs. We can also offer further monitoring and updating through continued engagement should you see fit.  

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